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To order any of our DVD's, please send a check or money order for $9.99 plus $2.00 shipping & handling for each DVD to the address below or you can purchase them at your local Scheels Stores.


Attn: Kurt

1003 Voyager Dr.

Bismarck, ND 58504

"Best of Season 4"  (NEW) ($9.99) - We are excited to bring you our fourth season of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV to DVD... we feel this is our best season yet.  "Best of Season 4" is loaded with over two hours of exciting hunting action.  You'll see thirteen action packed hunts with both archery equipment and centerfire rifle.  First, we'll start you out with two exciting archery whitetail hunts in Central ND, then we'll take you out to Eastern Montana for four early season antelope hunts.  After that we move back to Central ND for two late season whiteatail hunts followed by two spot and stalk antelope hunts in Western ND and Eastern Montana.  Then we follow John Arman in his quest to harvest his best ever whitetail with a bow along with his brother's largest whitetail taken from a ground blind.  Last we move to Northwestern ND for a cultural experience wihile in pursuit of a North American Bison with archery equipment.







"Best of Season 3"  ($9.99) - On this our third DVD, you'll witness over two hours of big game hunting action taken with archery equipment, muzzleloader and center fire rifle. We have ten exciting hunts packed into five commercial free episodes of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV and to top that off, we've also included a special bonus feature where you'll see some up close and personal shots ofa western North Dakota prairie dog hunt.

You'll see two caribou hunts from the tundra of Quebec, Canada, five early season archery whitetail hunts in southcentral North Dakota, two eye to eye archery bear hunts from ground level in Manitoba, Canada and another late season muzzleload hunt for whitetails in central North Dakota. Last but not least, we have some hard hitting prairie dog action from the plains of western North Dakota.







 "Best of Season 2" ($9.99) -  Our lastest DVD is packed with hunts from North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Canada. You'll see thirteen total hunts rapped up in seven commercial free episodes of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV...three hunts are from ND two from Montana, also, two great buffalo hunts from SD and six more adventures from the great white north country of Canada.









 "The Beginning" ($9.99) -  Our first video to come on DVD is two hours of action packed big game hunting from our past seasons.  We've compiled six episodes on DVD where you'll see exciting bow, rifle and muzzleloader deer action from North Dakota, some great antelope hunts with both rifle and bow from North Dakota and eastern Montana and one awesome bear archery hunt from northern Canada.  You won't want to miss this great video! 









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